Engelhart Warehousing (UK) Ltd
Rotterdam (Netherlands) Vlissingen (Netherlands)
F. lli Bartoli
Leghorn (Italy)
Independent Commodities Logistics BV
Rotterdam & Moerdijk (Netherlands)
Katoen Natie Commodities
Antwerp (Belgium)
Kloosterboer Vlissingen VOF
Vlissingen (Netherlands)
Metaal Transport B.V.
Rotterdam (Netherlands)
Metal Terminals International NV
Antwerp (Belgium)
Verbrugge International B.V.
Vlissingen (Netherlands)
Worldwide Warehouse Solutions (UK) Ltd
Vlissingen (Netherlands) and Antwerp (Belgium)
Engelhart Warehousing (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Johor (Malaysia), Singapore (Singapore) Busan (South Korea)
Hokkai Mitsui Soko Co. Ltd
Yokohama (Japan)
Independent Commodities Logistics BV
Kaohsiung (Taiwan)
Katoen Natie Commodities
Jurong (Singapore)
Mitsubishi Logistics Corporation
Nagoya (Japan) and Yokohama (Japan)
Engelhart Warehousing (US) LLC
Owensboro (USA) and Detroit (USA)
Worldwide Warehouse Solutions LLC
St Louis (USA) and New Orleans (USA)

Providing a reliable and confidential service to our clients throughout the world.

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