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The Company was originally established in the 1920’s as G.C.Ridley & Co. Ltd.

As a member of the Baltic Exchange the Company acted as Shipbrokers, Ship Chandlers and representatives of agents, ship builders and stevedores operating in overseas ports worldwide.

The Company expanded rapidly after 1945 with the drive to re-establish world trade. Changes in cargo handling methods in the 1960´s and 1970´s opened new opportunities for port operators to expand into new activities.

In 1976 a longstanding principal based in the German port of Hamburg decided to become a listed LME warehouse with Ridley acting as the London Agent. This was the start of our LME activities and makes us the oldest LME Agent. We were also the first to introduce a computerised system for the preparation of LME warrants.

In 1984 G.C.Ridley & Co. Ltd. split into two companies with Ridley International Ltd. handling the representation of LME listed companies as well as other marine and commercial companies.

We take pride in introducing newly listed warehouses to the requirements of the Exchange and in guiding them through the early days of warrant preparation and stock reporting.

We are the leading independent agent of LME listed warehouses and the only agent that has been privately owned throughout its history.


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